The BIGGEST GAME CHANGER In Bank Card Services Is...




RevvCard Is A Digital Smart Card 

Coming Out January 2020!!!

This Revolutionary smart card provides a better way to manage your family’s finances. The bank shares its merchant revenue fees with us as a thank you for sharing but wait until you see the technology behind this card.

Get ready to be Blown Away!!!




Now...Who Is Excited About What They Just Saw?

Well... The Excitement Doesn't Stop There!

Our Charter Members, Also Get To Take Advantage of Some Pretty Amazing Discount Rewards.


Our Charter Members Are Real People Getting Real Savings. Check out Some Of Our Member Testimonials Below...

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Crazy Good Travel Savings As Well and MORE...
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Listen To What Our President

Mr. Richard Smith Has To Say About rNetwork and The Revcard:

Still On The Fence? Watch This...

Disclaimer: The compensation plan video displayed above, is for illustration purposes ONLY and is NOT a guarantee

of what you will earn. Although the video does illustrate what is possible per our compensation plan structure,

Income is solely based on the efforts and participation of each individual.

Part of the STAR Network of Banks (HUGE DEAL)


*Over a million global retailers will give you a discount at point of sale for using this card. It’s globally usable immediately and The bank shares its merchant revenue fees with us when we introduce new customers. ðŸ’¯ðŸ˜‰ðŸ‘ðŸ¾ðŸ˜ƒ


In summary, welcome to the future. AS WE MOVE CLOSER TO LAUNCH, we will go over additional details and talk about how you get your card and share the technology with people you know and even those you don't. (LOL)


This Digital Debit Card is Going To Be One of The BIGGEST GAME CHANGERS In The Card Services Arena and YOU Could Be One Of The First To Share It.


Understand something quite simple.

1. When you use the card and someone sees it, they will 100% want it.

2. When they buy coffee, fill their tank, pay their bills or pay their mortgage...

You Can Get Paid.​

Bonus Video


Meet The Creators
(From left to right)

Roger Taylor

Has been in Executive Management and Marketing for over 23 years. After graduating with his Master’s Degree in 1995, he took an entry level position for a Fortune 500 company, quickly working his way up to a Regional Director position, overseeing 14 facilities and 150+ employees. He then spent the next 15 years as an entrepreneur, running 3 successful businesses, one of which was recognized in 2002 as the fastest growing business in Utah. His most recent 5 years has been spent back in corporate America, holding the position in NASCAR sports marketing as a Senior VP of Marketing and Strategic Alliances. At NASCAR he worked directly with Fortune 100 and 500 companies on multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns with TV Networks FOX and NBC and developed some of the largest charitable strategic alliances in the sport with the Boy Scouts of America, Stand Up 2 Cancer, and the American Cancer Society.

Trent Walker 

Founder and CEO of Netchain Squared ( Trent has been referred to as a leading payment expert by The Wall Street Journal. Trent brings 15+ years of multifaceted experience from startup to operational scale in finance and FinTech. A former senior leader in Google’s global financial operation, overseeing financial operations (AP and AR) and payments in NA, LATAM, and EMEA. Strategy leader for arvato - $6 Billion per year FinOps & FinTech arm of Bertelsmann. Trent is a dynamic and inspirational leader.. He holds degrees in Business, Communication, and Executive Leadership, with additional post graduate studies in Corporate Finance and Six Sigma.

Richard T. Smith 

A direct sales visionary. Over the past thirty years Richard has designed multiple compensation systems moving well over eight hundred million dollars of products, services, and consumer goods in nearly every country throughout the world. From his earliest years in the industry Richard's commitment to creating leveled value for each direct sales member is unparalleled. His tenacious battle to create clear, concise, achievable systems that benefit the individual striving to create a better standard of living for themselves and their loved ones, is the legacy of his career. He and a partner created the first publicly traded internet shopping service on the world wide web. Multiple successful individual careers were launched in a variety of emerging technology fields as a result of the experience with World Internet Marketplace. 
He has successfully launched four different companies with cumulative revenues of a billion dollars in sales. Richard is a highly sought after corporate executive, bringing his unparalleled ability to think outside the box, develop new concepts for market, and an unwavering commitment to create value. Richard is dedicated to fostering innovation in business and clearly sees the power of Internetwork Marketing and the currency that fuels it. 


Kevin Wiscombe 

Spent 18 years in the mortgage and finance industries. During the real estate boom from 2003 to 2008 he owned a mortgage company with offices in seven states and over 150 employees where he oversaw recruiting and training as well as new business development. His greatest asset is his network of entrepreneurs and business owners around the globe and ability to engage them in a variety of investment and business-related ventures. He has extensive experience in Business Development and Capital Acquisition. Kevin has worked with numerous national clients with some of the largest seminar companies in the world who represent the biggest celebrity brands in real estate investing. Kevin managed an in-house private money lending program with over $100 Million in loans on the books and secured a $28.3 Million warehouse line of credit for the company. In 2015 he founded inMarketiQ, a big data company providing custom audience data and analytics to fortune 500 companies. This led him to investigate the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.


Troy Muhlestein 

Spent the first 20 years of his working career in the manufacturing segment of Corporate America with a Fortune 500 company as a production manager, project engineer, and executive management. He has been on a mission to build a company that offers true value and an honest opportunity for the members to participate and benefit from the organization’s collective efforts. With those guiding principles, he founded one successful company in 2009 and then another in 2016, based on the idea that a company can be a win, win, win—that by making the members the primary focus, the member, the strategic partners, and the company all win. 



(LEADERS Are Pouring In From All Over!!!)

The Only Question Is...

Will YOU Answer?

 The time to join rNetwork as a Charter Member, Couldn't be better, Join NOW for just $68. That's right, to get in on the opportunity of a lifetime, the cost to join, is a one-time enrollment fee of just $30 plus $38, for a total start up cost of $68, then just $38 per month. Don't wait, become a Charter Member TODAY and start taking advantage

of all of the tremendous savings and the amazing technology of the Revvcard, that will soon

be coming YOUR WAY!!!

Hello, My name is Wayne Jones and it would be my pleasure to be your sponsor for the R Network Revvcard, Charter Member Opportunity. Should you have any questions or need to reach me directly, I will forward my contact information to you, once you have filled out your contact information in the form below. I am looking for serious individual's (ONLY) who want to enrich their lives and the lives of others so if that is you, Welcome in advance to this potentially life changing opportunity. 

I look forward to working with you!

"This is An International Opportunity."

If You're Ready and ONLY If You Are Ready Click The Button NOW

to be Redirected to my personal Enrollment Page!

(Welcome In Advance.)


With our Rewards program, members have access to a full travel booking portal at wholesale prices. We have an exclusive agreement with Velocity Rewards 360 for all rewards offerings and vacation bookings with zero mark-up.



  • 300,000+ dining, shopping and entertainment offers!

  • Both national chains and popular local vendors participate.



  • Exclusive deals not available to general public!

  • All major hotel brands and destinations, including Orlando, Las Vegas and New York City. NOTE: These are the 3 most popular destinations by volume of bookings, but you can choose to highlight other destinations if you feel they will be more attractive to your audience.

  • Over 500,000 participating hotels and vacation rental properties worldwide.

  • Private Rates with savings up to 30% off or more the best pricing available to the public.



  • 50+ participating premium brands to choose from!

  • Popular categories such as; Jewelry, Sunglasses, Watches, Handbags, Luggage and More!



  • Numerous popular titles to choose from!

  • Sample of popular titles typically available include: Conde Nast Traveler, Better Homes & Gardens, House Beautiful, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Elle, Eating Well, Food Network Magazine, Food & Wine and Golf Digest.


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