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By now, you may have also heard about our Dr. Miller's Detox Tea ðŸ¥ƒwhich is the original holy tea formula but with 4 added ingredients, exclusive only here through Lurra Life and Testimonial driven...


Not only are people seeing weight loss within a week, this is more than a colon cleanse, this stuff even cleans your blood, lymph, liver and kidneys ridding the body of unwanted toxins , ðŸ¦  waste and residue from nicotine ðŸš­, past or current drugs and yes opioids ðŸ’Š. 


Take our Ultimate 90-Day, Healthy Living Challenge and get paid to lose weight!

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Karina lost 53 pounds in a time span of 3 months and said, “All I can say is: I'm happy with my transformation. I never thought I could achieve this. A Thousand Thanks!"



"My name is Ricardo and I've always suffered being over-weight. I've tried all possible ways to slim down, until I discovered this 'Health Challenge' and the marvelous products. I follow the Health and Wellness Super Guide and thank God today I'm arriving at my ideal weight. I've gone from 250 pounds (125 kilos) to 164 pounds a (82 kilos).

Thanks!" Ricardo


"This challenge has literally changed my life, I began the Health Challenge after I recovered from a bicycle accident; and I was in very poor condition. With the challenge I was able to lose 8 pounds the first week and 24 pounds in 30 days. I've been disciplined with the challenge and now it's part of my daily routine. I have more energy and focus and I feel confident, healthy and wear a brilliant smile! My brothers have also joined the challenge and are changing their lives! Having good health is life and the challenge saved mine!

 Thanks!" Mignon

Thrive ðŸŒ¿ is a cardiovascular ðŸ’šsupplement.

O2 drops ðŸ’¦ is stabilized oxygen

Dr. Miller's Detox Tea ðŸ¥ƒ

3 Amazing Products... 1 Amazing Company

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